We honor Passion Week by bringing together pastors from all over Arlington to share the story of Jesus and his resurrection. Jesus is present everywhere we are in the midst of our noisy everyday lives, beyond the walls of the church - from our grocery stores to our coffee shops.

Video 6
Pastor Dennis Wiles, First Baptist Arlington - Downtown Arlington

Pastor Dennis Wiles speaks on the story of a wealthy, young man approaching Jesus about eternal life and emphasizes why Jesus’ answer is so important. Pastor Wiles reminds us that the true blessing of Easter is how radically Jesus can change our lives for the better, if we let him.


Video 5
Pastor Maurice Pugh, New Life Fellowship - Southeast Arlington

Pastor Maurice Pugh emphasizes how the essence of Easter is grounded in the unshakeable hope that Jesus gave us through his resurrection. He breathed new life into what hope means, and Pastor Pugh sees Jesus as an eternal flame for all of us, that will never be extinguished.


Day 4
Pastor Marty Collier, Church at Rush Creek - South Arlington

Pastor Marty Collier focuses on the impactful story of Mary Magdalene and her discovery of Jesus overcoming the grave. Reminding us that even in the midst of our grief and brokenness, Jesus is always present.


Day 3
Reverend Kate McGee, Westminster Presbyterian - Central Arlington

Reverend Kate McGee knows that the meaning of Easter is seen through a different lens after overcoming this past year. While talking about Mary Magdalene’s grief, Reverend McGee states that anyone can be resurrected from the challenges in their life, but only through Jesus.


Day 2
Pastor Eric Herrstrom, Lake Church - Southwest Arlington

Pastor Eric Herrstrom delves into the creation story and how that connects to the story of Easter. Focusing on how although we all fall into rebellion and sin, it is no match to the true salvation that Jesus can provide us.


Day 1
Minister Jeff Hubbard, North Davis Church of Christ - North Arlington

Minister Jeff Hubbard speaks on the contrast between the stories of King David and how they compare to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. But his main takeaway is that the true blessing of Easter centers around Jesus’ sacrifice and how he died for all people, and all nations.

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