BLESS Arlington

BLESS Arlington is a new initiative where we are bringing people together to show the importance of prayer. In this video series, pastors across the city of Arlington will encourage us to actively pray for those in our own lives and our communities. The series walks through the acronym BLESS and provides specific prayer points daily for a 2 week period, beginning on Monday, April 5th.


Come back each day for a new video until Friday, April 16!

Share these videos daily with your church, on your social media channels - the more we can share these with others, the more we can show people the power of prayer through Jesus Christ.

B - Body - Keith Watson

Join Pastor Keith Watson from Homefront Church to kick-off BLESS Arlington by hearing his personal story of coming to Jesus and praying with him for the physical health of those in our community.

L - Labor - Ronnie Goines

From Koinonia Christian Church, Pastor Ronnie Goines focuses on the labor of love and how sometimes it can feel exhausting but with prayer, God will continue to protect us on our journey to doing the kingdom’s work.

E - Emotion - Kennedy Jones

Join Pastor Kennedy Jones from Greater Community Missionary Baptist Church as he prays for emotional well-being for the entire community of Arlington. As we go through challenging times, he encourages us to continue to be pragmatic and faithful, and God will see us through.

S - Social - Jason Paredes

Join in prayer with Pastor Jason Paredes from Fielder Church as he focuses on the importance of relationships and that even through the effects of this pandemic, if we ask and meditate, God will provide what we need.⁠

S - Spiritual - Gary Hutchison

Pastor Gary Hutchison from Grace Community Church, Arlington, Texas explains that in order for us to become blessed spiritually, we must enter into a relationship with God. That Jesus is the remedy for our sin and through him dying on the cross, we are no longer separated from Him.⁠

B - Body - Tom Schlueter

Pastor Tom Schlueter from Prince of Peace, House of Prayer, delves more into the importance of praying for our bodies. He encourages those watching to believe that God will restore and strengthen them, because God is our healer.

L- Labor - Stephen Hammond

Pastor Stephen Hammond from Mosaic Church shares a brief message about how our daily work can be seen a form of worship to God and a way for us to minister to others.

E- Emotion - Renee Fowler

Dr. Renee Denise Fowler speaks on the importance of putting our emotional well-being first, so we can fulfill God’s purpose for our life. She says that no matter how difficult it may be, we must practice self-care to better serve each other and the Lord.⁠

S- Social - Debra Crumpton

Listen to Pastor Debra Crumpton from St. Andrews United Methodist Church as she shares a message of what it looks like for our relationships to bless others and the ways that God uses the different relationships in our lives.

S - Spiritual - Dwight McKissic

Join Pastor Dwight McKissic from Cornerstone Baptist Church in prayer on the health of our spirit and recognizing that God has removed any separation from him through Jesus Christ, something we can all achieve.

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